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Your 2023 AAC National Team

Congratulations to the following teams that will be representing Canada & AAC at the 2023 IFCS World Agility Championships in Great Britain.

30cm/12" - Toy Dogs

Jesse Hamaliuk & Evo

Stéphan Henry & Gallop

40cm/16" - Mini Dogs

Kirstin O’Neill & Ballistic Beast

Jordan Jarvis-O’Connor & Qwik (Jr Handler) 🎉

Shauna Oliver & Jenga

Seanna O’Neill & Daeny

Annie Monette & Cracker Jack

50cm/20" - Midi Dogs

Tara LaBelle & Jet

Meaghan O’Neill & Snow Devyl

Stéphane Henry & Boost

Sarah McLeod & Epi

Leslie Dawson-North & Sizzle

Shauna Oliver & Sega

Wendy Alexander & Motion

Émie Tremblay & Kinai

Jonathan Luce & Drake

Shandy Blake & Logan

60cm/24" - Maxi Dogs

Kirstin O’Neill & Pinnacle Penguin

Meaghan O'Neill & Arctic Cyclone

Suzanne Boldt & Sci-Fi

Dove Cresswell & Jedi

Kassandra Harink & Blaze

Nicole Haueisen & Reason

Jenn Coltman & Nyxie

Plus, congratulations to these wonderful teams that agreed to be Alternates and jump in if the need ever arises.

50cm/20" - Midi Dogs

Wendy Maclellan & Skai

Marcia Caplan & Willow

60cm/24" - Maxi Dogs

Donna Harrop & Rev

Nicole Brown & Keen


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