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The Last Medals at 2022 IFCS WAC

Closing ceremonies at the 2022 IFCS World Agility Championships went without a hitch before the Individual Overall medals were awarded.

After 4 rounds of Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers, & Snooker the results were tabulated and Team Canada came home with 3 more medals!!

Silver🥈 for Wendy Alexander & Crush,

Bronze🥉 for Kirstin O'Neill & Crocodile Crunch,

& Bronze🥉 for Maya Celuch & Milly.

This brought Canada's final total to 12 medals earned;

1 Gold 🥇,

4 Silver 🥈, &

7 Bronze 🥉

which ranked Canada as tied 2nd with Great Britain for overall medal count behind Italy's massive haul of 32 medals. 🤯

The NTMC hopes every Canadian agility addict will help us by congratulating every single Team member that stepped up to the line and ran their hearts out with their furry partners.

Regardless of the results, you are all champions 🏆 for taking the World on at the 2022 IFCS World Agility Championships. We are so very proud of you all! ❤️🤍🍁🤍❤️


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