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Team Canada's Teams

Due to an unfortunate injury during the Biathlon Standard, Annie Monette had to regretfully pull Cracker Jack from the competition. The team is heartbroken along with her as we know they would have shone this weekend.

Because of that development Team Canada was a small dog short for one of the Large teams. An Italian competitor, Teresa Cigotti, answered our call and is now running under the Canadian flag with her Toy Poodle, Oxygene.

So here are Canada's Small & Large teams. Go Team(s) Canada!!

Small Team

Ballistic Beast + Kirstin O'Neill

Quik + Jordan Jarvis O'Connor

Drake + Jonathan Luce

Large Team A

Evo + Jesse Hamaliuk

Pinnacle Penguin + Kirstin O'Neill

Blaze + Kassandra Harink

Large Team B

Daeny + Seanna O'Neill

Motion + Wendy Alexander

Logan + Shandy Blake

Large C

Oxygene + Teresa Cigotti (ITL)

Epi + Sarah McLeod

Sizzle + Leslie Dawson-North


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