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Saturday's running orders

Saturday's lineup at IFCS will start with Individual Gamblers with the first dog on the line at 9.30 GMT+2. For those wanting to watch the livestream here are your alarm times: 😉

12.3o am PT

01.3o am MT

02.3o am CT

03.3o am ET

04.3o am AT

05.0o am NT

The height order will be 300/Toy...



& 400/Mini...

After gamblers will be the Team Jumpers round with the first dog on the line at 03.30 pm GMT+2. A much easier alarm to deal with should be set for the following timezones:

07.3o am PT

08.3o am MT

09.3o am CT

10.3o am ET

11.3o am AT

12.oo pm NT

The height order for Jumpers will be 600/Maxi...



& 300/Toy...

The running orders have been set to run in reverse overall order so the pressure will be on for those running towards the end in their respective heights as they will have a medal (or two) on the line. Wish our Canadians luck. 🍀

Run hard. Run fast. Run Proud!! đŸ’—đŸ€đŸđŸ€đŸ’—


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