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NTMC Online Auction Preview Is Live

Previews of the AAC National Agility Team's Online Auction items are now available. More items will be added as the week progresses so check back often. Information on how the auction will run, with start & end times, along with how to bid will be available over the next few days.

Bidding doesn't start until June 27th. Any bids placed before then will be deleted. Tagging yourself in the comment section of your favourite items to easily find them is allowed & encouraged.

Items have been put into albums of no more than 50 items so as not to overwhelm everyone's scrolling fingers. 😉 You can view the albums by going to the Media/Photos section (depending on what device you are using) or use the following handy links:

We have over 150 items listed with more being added daily so head on over to Facebook and check everything out. Oh, happy browsing!! 😁


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