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Final Day's Schedule at IFCS

The final day at IFCS will start with Biathlon Jumpers with the first dog on the line at 9.oo GMT+2.

For those of you extreme night owls/morning glories 😉 that would be...

12.oo am PT

01.oo am MT

02.oo am CT

03.oo am ET

04.oo am AT

04.3o am NT

The height order will be 500/Midi...



& 600/Maxi...

Following that the last course of the competition, Team Relay, will start with the first team on the line at 2.oo pm GMT+2. For those of you needing to shake the cobwebs out of the old noggin that would be:

05.oo am PT

06.oo am MT

07.oo am CT

08.oo am ET

09.oo am AT

09.3o pm NT

The small teams will run first...

followed by the large teams...

The posted running orders have been set to run in reverse order (those ranked at the bottom to those ranked number 1), which adds that little extra bit of excitement as we get closer to the end of each height/team.

Speaking of excitement, a little birdie whispered to us that Canada might be getting 3 overall medals 🙀 during the awards ceremony starting at 05.oo pm GMT+2 (you should be awake enough by then to figure out what that means in your timezone 😉). Let's see if that birdie was telling the truth. 😆


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