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2nd Day of IFCS

Team Canada shone brightly on the second day at IFCS WAC with the Canadian flag flying proudly behind the following Individual medal winners in Snooker:

🥇 Gold for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

🥇 Gold for Jason & Kyö (50cm/Large)

🥈 Silver for Kassandra & Blaze (60cm/Maxi)

The rest of Team Canada did an amazing job on the course giving their all with the following teams making the Top 10 after our medalists.

4th for Stéphan & Gallop (25cm/Toy)

5th for Tammy & Gryn (60cm/Maxi)

5th for Jesse & Evo (25cm/Toy)

6th for Kim & Spark (30cm/Mini)

9th for Maya & Milly (25cm/Toy)

After Snooker was the non-medalling round of Team Agility where the following team members posted some spectacular clean runs and placements to help carry their Team to the relay round:

1st for Kassandra & Blaze (60cm/Maxi)

3rd for Kirstin & Pinnacle (60cm/Maxi)

3rd for Jesse & Evo (25cm/Toy)

3rd for Kim & Spark (30cm/Mini)

4th for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

5th for Gold for Jason & Kyö (50cm/Large)

Congrats to everyone on Team Canada for a great 2nd day!!






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