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Last Day of IFCS

Sunday was the final day of the marathon that is IFCS. Biathlon Jumping was the first event of the day and Team Canada had quite a few members who were fighting for a medal. By the end of the round Canadians were still cheering on the following members for their well-earned placements:

1st for Kassandra & Blaze (60cm/Maxi)

2nd for Jason & Kyö (50cm/Large)

2nd for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

3rd for Wendy & Motion (50cm/Large)

6th for Shandy & Logan (50cm/Large)

7th for Émie & Kinaï (50cm/Large)

7th for Jason & Nightmare (60cm/Maxi)

8th for Jesse & Evo (25cm/Toy)

Team Relay was next and the following teams ran in the final:

Canada 1: Kirk & Grizzly Adams / Ashley & Jack / Jason & Nightmare (open team)

Canada 2: Kim & Spark / Kassandra & Blaze / Kirstin & Pinnacle (open team)

Canada 3: Shauna & Jenga / Shandy & Logan / Jonathan & Drake (open team)

Canada 4: Stéphan & Gallop / Jesse & Evo / Tammy & Gryn (mini team)

Canada 5: Kirstin & Ballistic / Jordan & Qwik / Jason & Kyö (mini team)

where Canada 3 posted the 2nd best score and Canada 5 posted the 8th best score to round out the Top 10. They were on fire!! 🔥

At the final medal ceremonies, our Canadian anthem was played multiple times. First, during the Biathlon Overall ceremony, when the following teams stood on the podium:

🥇 Gold for Shandy & Logan (50cm/Large)

🥇 Gold for Kassandra & Blaze (60cm/Maxi)

🥉 Bronze for Jason & Kyö (50cm/Large)

and then during the Team Triathlon ceremony for the following two teams:

🥇 Gold for Canada 2

🥉 Bronze for Canada 5

This was the first time Team Canada has earned a gold medal in Triathlon!! 🎉🥳

By the time shirts had been traded and the closing ceremonies had commenced the Country Standings were tallied with Team Canada achieving first place status for the first time in AAC's history via the 24 medals handed to her members; 9 gold, 5 silver, and 10 bronze. The AAC and its members couldn't be any prouder of such a spectacular achievement. 🥰

Who could? Canada could, and did!!!


See you all in Switzerland in 2025!


Biathlon Jumping reults:

Team Relay results:

Biathlon Overall results:

Triathlon results:


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