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4th Day of IFCS

The weekend in France brought Team Canada an amazing amount of medals and personal bests. Saturday started off with Canada's game, Gamblers, and our team members did not disappoint. Despite the main gamble being impossible to achieve in the time allotted, it was the spectacular openings that enabled the following teams to earn the day's first medals:

🥇 Gold for Kirstin & Ballistic (40cm/Medi)

🥇 Gold for Kirstin & Pinnacle (60cm/Maxi)

🥈 Silver for Jordan & Qwik (40cm/Medi)

🥉 Bronze for Jesse & Evo (25cm/Toy)

🥉 Bronze for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

🥉 Bronze for Kassandra & Blaze (60cm/Maxi)

with the following team just missing out on a medal by only 1 or 2 points:

4th for Shandy & Logan (50cm/Large)

8th for Jason & Kyö (50cm/Large)

After Gamblers was Team Jumping and, once again, Team Canada knocked it out of the park with the following teams making Top 10 in this round leading up to Team Relay:

2nd for Kirstin & Pinnacle (60cm/Maxi)

3rd for Kim & Spark (30cm/Mini)

3rd for Kirstin & Ballistic (40cm/Medi)

4th for Jordan & Qwik (40cm/Medi)

5th for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

6th for Jonathan & Drake (50cm/Large)

10th for Tammy & Gryn (60cm/Maxi)

The day ended with the Individual Overall medals being handed out with our national flag hanging proudly behind the following team members:

🥈 Silver for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

🥉 Bronze for Kim & Spark (30cm/Mini)

🥉 Bronze for Kirstin & Ballistic (40cm/Medi)

🥉 Bronze for Kassandra & Blaze (60cm/Maxi)

Such an amazing achievement for so many fantastic teams. 🔥🔥🔥



Gamblers results:

Team Jumpers results:

Individual Overall results:


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