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First Official Day at IFCS

Our Canadian Team had a great start to IFCS with the onsite practice, official measurements (everyone measured under - yeah!), and team photos.

Tomorrow the action will start with opening ceremonies scheduled to start at 11.00 am/GMT +2 on Laag Soeren (2.00 am PT, 3.00 am MT, 4.00 am CT, 5.00 am ET, 6.00 am AT, 6.30 am NT) with the Biathlon Standard walkthrough to start at 1.oo pm & first dog on the line at 2.00 pm.

First up will be our 300/TOY team of Maya + Milly, Stephan + Gallop, & Alysa + Echo.

The running order for the Toy Division is as such...

Next up will be our 400/MINI team of Jordan + Qwik, Diana + Alibi, Annie + Cracker Jack, Seanna + Chips, & Kirstin + Crocodile Crunch.

The running order for the Mini Division is as such...

Then our 500/MIDI team of Tara + Jet, Wendy + Crush, Stephan + Boost, Meaghan + Snow Devyl, Wendy + Skai, Shandy + Logan, Pierre-Luc + Hype Energy, & Jonathan + Drake will get to shine.

The running order for the Midi Division is as such...

And finally our 600/MAXI team of Donna + Rev, Dove + Jedi, Steve + Final, Kirstin + Pinnacle Penguin, Meaghan + Arctic Cyclone, Tammy + Gryn, Anick + Kimah, & Pierre-Luc + Miracle Whip will close out the evening.

The running order for the Midi Division is as such...

When the live stream link is announced it will be posted on all of the Team's social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) along with here on the website. Good luck to all of our Canadian Team members.

Run hard. Run Fast. Run proud.



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