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Seanna O'Neill

National Team Manager, Committee Appointed Chair

Seanna has been competing in agility for over 30 years. She started with Borzoi when Agility first came to Canada, and had the top Borzoi and top hounds in Canada for many years. In recent year Seanna has been running Shelties, Parson Russel Terriers, Berger Picard, and Malinois, winning numerous Regional and National Championships with dogs in different heights. Some of the other titles earned include Lifetime Awards, Awards of Merit, # 1 Agility Dog in Canada - All Breed, and Multiple Steeplechase Championship (Fastest Dog) awards at the National Championships.

She has represented Canada on a number of Canadian National Teams, competing in International competition starting with the very first Canadian team at the AWC World Championships in Lievin, France, where she placed numerous times in the top 10, and since then in numerous other countries including Spain, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Belgium. In addition to FCI competition, Seanna has also competed for Canada at the European Open and IFCS in France, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, and other countries over the years. In IFCS she has even brought home Silver (Gamblers) and Bronze (Overall) for Canada.

In some of the years that she was competing in FCI and EO, Seanna was also coaching and managing the Canadian National Team that was competing in the IFCS World Championships. Starting in 2014 she has helped numerous Canadian team members prepare for World Championship competition; and has seen Canada moved up the medal standings under her watch.

When she is not competing or Managing at World Championship events, Seanna runs the Dynamo Dogsports Training Facility with her daughter Kirstin in Edmonton, Alberta. They teach all levels of agility, from very beginner to those gearing up for National and International competition. Dynamo has also hosted a number of Regional and National Agility Championships and regularly hosts AAC, UKI, CKC Agility Trials, Rally Trials, and Barn Dog Competitions.

Seanna is also an Agility judge in various organizations, including AAC, CKC, and UKI. She has designed and judged international courses for AAC and UKI National Championships in Canada, and has designed and judged international courses for CKC / FCI tryout competition events

When she has time, Seanna also enjoys other dogsports including Barn Dog, Flyball and Scent Hurdling, Rally, and the occasional foray into the Conformation ring.

Seanna O'Neill
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