We are the AAC National Dog Agility Team, made up of the Best Dog and Handler Teams from all across Canada.


Every year Team Canada competes against the best teams of other countries at the:

IFCS (International Federation of Cynological Sports)

World Agility Championship (WAC).

The IFCS has announced that the 14th World Agility Championship will be held:

Please support and cheer on Team Canada as they prepare for their next IFCS World Agility Championship!

Who can?   Canada Can!

Let's Do This!



We want to thank our main sponsor, The Agility Association of Canada (AAC) for continually supporting the National Agility Team Canada to compete at the IFCS World Agility Championship every year.


The AAC was founded in 1988, and is committed to promoting inclusive, competitive dog agility at a local, regional, national and international level, for all handlers and dogs without regard to pedigree.

Agility is a challenge and a competition to be enjoyed by handler, dog and spectator. The main elements of the sport are good sportsmanship and fun for the dogs and handler.

All AAC Agility Trials are open to all four legged dogs capable of demonstrating the element of agility and control and the mental and physical ability to carry out the required tests.


To find out more about the AAC, please visit their website.



The AAC National Team Management will select an AAC National Agility Team to participate in the next IFCS World Agility Championship (WAC).

Team Members are normally selected by the AAC National Team Management, following criteria set forth in our Selection Process, including but not limited to:


  • Performance at TeamTryouts Day, usually held at AAC Nationals prior to the AAC Nationals Rounds for Placement Pts towards Win-On Spots; 


  • Performance of AAC Nationals Rounds for Placement Pts towards Win-On Spots; 

  • Consideration of Previous Medallists of Individual Rounds earned at previous IFCS events; Consideration of Draft Spots and Alternates;​

....All with the goal of having the strongest Team of Dog and Handlers to represent Canada at the next IFCS!