Tammy Gallacher and Gryn

I’m so excited to be taking Gryn across the pond again as part of Canada’s 24” dogs competing at the 2020 IFCS World Agility Championships in Belgium. 


Getting his name because of the goofy grin he makes when he’s happy, Gryn is a sweet, silly boy that loves cuddles and affection from his people, and at almost 40 lbs still thinks he’s a little puppy that can crawl into your lap or up in your arms, then he’s gone, having taken himself down the hall, off to bed because it’s his nap or bedtime. Gryn he also LOVES his agility, he becomes a different dog, spinning and screaming, he can hardly contain himself, it’s all work for this boy and that cute silly cuddle bug is gone!   You definitely know when “Gryn is in the house”!


At not yet 4 years old, this will be Gryn’s third time representing Canada and second time competing at an International event.   He has been so much fun to train, pushing our skills outside my comfort zone to be faster, better. It’s a thrill each time we step to the line, I’ve got the keys to the amusement park, and together we’re gonna ride this crazy ride, screaming as loud as we can every step of the way!