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Stephan Henry & Boost - Alberta

Boost is a five year old Border Collie and is the 20” regular 2018 Agility Association of Canada National Champion. At a young age Boost showed a strong desire to work, he is confident and is ready to “go” at any time.


As a competitor Boost tackles the course with enthusiasm, he really loves the game and squeals on every corner. He accepts any challenge given to him and has a tireless work ethic.


Around the house Boost is a sweetheart! He is always happy, settles easily and is often found curled up on the couch. He is friendly and enjoys visiting with company who come to our home.


Boost will be competing at his first World Championship. Thank you to all who have supported us as we embrace a new challenge. Boost is ready to prove himself and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Canada with him at the IFCS World Championship.