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G'Luck to Applicants

Less than 24 hrs till North America's first-ever cross-country World Team Tryout event happens!! Maps will be going out to our wonderful Hosts at 5.oo am their time and will be either posted on site or emailed to competitors no more than 2hrs before the event starts. To help settle applicants' nerves here is a sneak peek of both the Jumpers & Standard course for you.

You're welcome! 😂

For everyone attending Tryouts, please thank your amazing Hosts...

TAG in Courtney, BC Q-Ball Agility in Abbotsford, BC PACE in Edmonton, AB Outback Agility in Spencerville, ON Club d'Agilité de Trois-Rivières in Bécancour, QC

... as many times as you can for without them this would not be possible.

Also, for those attending, please step up and volunteer as much as you can, especially on course builds. The day will go so much quicker when the old adage "many hands make light work" comes to fruition.

To our applicants, good luck to each & every one of you.

May the courses be ever in your favour. 🤞😁


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