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Day 3 at IFCS nets Canada 5 medals!

Day 3 at IFCS was a huge success for Team🍁Canada. The Individual Standard round gave Canada 2 more medals to its total;

Silver🥈 for Kirstin O'Neill & Crocodile Crunch

and Bronze🥉 for Wendy Alexander & Crush.

The course ate a lot of teams up but Canada ran strong with many making the top 20. These are the successful teams:

Then it was time for Individual Jumpers and once again Canada kicked some buttski earning 3 medals;

Gold🏆 for Tara LaBelle & Jet,

Bronze🥉 for Meaghan O'Neill & Arctic Cyclone, and

Bronze🥉 for Kirstin O'Neill & Crocodile Crunch!!!

Alas, we have no podium pictures to share for Jumpers since those will be handed out Saturday night. Until then we can celebrate them and the following teams for making it through without an elimination:

Who could? Canada could! 💯‼️


Full results can be viewed here...

2022-IFCS-Agility-Standard - Individual
Download PDF • 190KB
2022-IFCS-Jumping - Individual
Download PDF • 189KB


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