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Biathlon Jumpers + Overall

Biathlon Jumpers was the last individual round at IFCS and showed the world how bright Team Canada's light truly was with 7 dogs making the Top 10;

1st for Nicole + Reason

1st for Kirstin + Pinnacle Penguin

2nd for Wendy + Motion

3rd for Shandy + Logan

3rd for Jordan + Qwik

8th for Jonathan + Drake

9th for Sarah + Epi

Full results:

Download PDF • 210KB

After the Biathlon results were combined the overalls were announced and Team Canada ended up standing on the podium in the first and second position in the 500/Midi division!!

Gold 🥇 for Wendy + Motion

Silver 🥈 for Sarah + Epi

Along with those two amazing ladies, the following made the Top 10:

4th for Shandy + Logan

7th for Jonathan + Drake

10th for Kirstin + Pinnacle Penguin

Bravo to you all for those fantastic results!! Team Canada rules!!

Full results:

Download PDF • 215KB


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