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3rd Day at IFCS

3rd day of IFCS was an opportunity for 2 individual medals with Team Canada laying down fantastic runs. Individual Agility was first up and Team Canada didn't disappoint with the following members watching a spot on the podium:

🥇 Gold for Kirstin & Pinnacle (60cm/Maxi)

🥈 Silver for Jesse & Evo (25cm/Toy)

🥉 Bronze for Jason & Kyö (50cm/Large)

Not to be out-shone the following Team members made Top 10 in their respective heights:

4th for Stéphan & Gallop (25cm/Toy)

6th for Kim & Spark (30cm/Mini)

6th for Maya & Milly (25cm/Toy)

7th for Shandy & Logan (50cm/Large)

8th for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

9th for Jason & Nightmare (60cm/Maxi)

10th for Kirstin & Ballistic (40cm/Medi)

Bravo to you all!

After the Agility round was Individual Jumpers, which eliminated a ton of teams, making those who made it around the course superstars regardless of their placement. In the end Team Canada will be bringing home 2 Jumpers medals thanks to the following Teams:

🥇 Gold for Shauna & Jenga (30cm/Mini)

🥉 Bronze for Kirstin & Ballistic (40cm/Medi)

and a lot of pride for those that made the Top 10:

6th for Kim & Spark (30cm/Mini)

7th for Kirk & Grizzly Adams (40cm/Medi)

7th for Shandy & Logan (50cm/Large)

8th for Tammy & Gryn (60cm/Maxi)

9th for Maya & Milly (25cm/Toy)

10th for Jason & Nightmare (60cm/Maxi)

Who can? Canada can!!


Individual Agility results:

Individual Jumpers Results:


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