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Stephane Lafond

National Team Manager

Since 2001, Stephane has been competed actively in AAC with 6 different dogs. He won many podiums at different AAC Regionals and Nationals. Stephane also represented Canada at the European Open 2013 and 2014. Stephane has good people skills and is a good communicator in both language. He has been teaching dog agility since 2009. As the owner of a dog training centre and also as a police officer with the RCMP, Stephane has also gained experience in dealing professionally with the public and resolving any conflicts that arise.

In 2013, in addition to representing Canada at the European Open 2013 (as a competitor), Stephane was also the Team Leader for the EO Canadian Team. Thus he developed good experience in dealing with a group of handlers from all over Canada, organizing team practices, relaying the information from the association/organizers, and making sure team members are ready for the events but also for the travel with their dog(s).

Over the years, Stephane took numerous seminars from world champions and he keeps himself up-to-date with the new technics in agility because he just loves agility that much.

Stephane Lafond
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