Annie Vezina and Mecson

I am very honored to be representing Canada at the 2020 IFCS WAC with my awesome dog Mecson.


Mecson est un berger Shetland très énergique. Sa caractéristique principale, lorsqu’il est dans un ring d’agilité, il ne veut plus en sortir tellement il s’y plaît.


Our first years were particularly difficult because we did not speak the same language but we worked very hard to built our team. Since 2015, me and Mecson compete at the international level (European Open, Agility World Championship and World Agility Open). I have also competed in 2012 in the IFCS with his father Mec who won a bronze medal.


J’espère que Mecson suivra les traces de son père \uD83D\uDE09


We will give the best of ourselves to represent our country and to help our teammates. Thank you to all supporters, my coaches and friends for the support.


Annie Vézina & Mecson