Seann O'Neill and Chips

Chips is the accidental son of our Sheltie, Excel and our PRT, Posh; who have represented Canada and medalled multiple times in International competition at IFCS, FCI, WAO and EO.

Chips made the EO team as a two year old, and then went to IFCS as a borrowed dog for an Australian handler when he was 3 years old, and had a great time running for his new Aussie friend, Amin.  The next year he lost a Canadian 16" IFCS spot to his father, Excel, but went along to Europe for the ride anyway; and ended up competing with a handler from Japan, whose dog was unable to compete. When we found out that he was going to compete for the Japan team the warm up was already over, so the only practice Chips and the new handler had was on one jump.  But they had a great time running together, and were only one knocked bar out of the medals.  ​

Last year I had been injured at Nationals for team selection the year before, so Meaghan ran Chips at IFCS, and again, he loved every minute of the experience.​

It was difficult to sit out last year, as I have competed many times previously for team Canada, at EO, IFCS, and FCI... from the very first team that Canada sent to an international competition (FCI) in France, in 2003.  Together Kirstin and I run an Agility training school in Edmonton called Dynamo Dogsports, and we enjoy introducing people to the sport and building better relationships with their dogs.  But I also love being involved in the more competitive aspects of the sport.​

So I am excited that this year, for the first time, Chips will actually be able to play for Team Canada with me!  With over 30 years in the sport, Chips has been my favorite dog to train... he is always ready to work, never quits, and learns so quickly!  I am looking forward to this year's competition, cheering on all the other awesome team Canada handlers, and playing with my best buddy, Chips.