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I have a commitment to the AAC National Team, as Team Manager and taking on a role as Team Coach.


As an ongoing Instructor and Coach of Agility and Dog Training, here is some information about me and credentials:

Lisa Sun

Certified Master Trainer

Four-Time BC Regional Agility Champion (AAC):








Three-Time Canadian National Agility Champion (AAC);






Three-Time Steeplechase Champion:

AAC Regionals 2017


AAC Nationals 2017


AAC Nationals 2018

USDAA Northwestern Regional Champions (2013):

Steeplechase Championship



Biathlon Overall Championship 2nd​

2009 till Present:

Member of the President's Choice SUPERDOGS Performance Cast



As an agility instructor and coach for myself and our dogs, and my students and their dogs, and as an agility handler myself who loves the sport and loves the forever learning that comes with the game, I am excited to share with you exercises, drills, and course work that can help our bodies practise more fluency and smoothness in giving cues for our dogs.


With being in best handler position when giving those cues, and showing correct acceleration/deceleration and other motion cues where necessary, we are giving relevant information to our dogs while he/she is in motion, in order for them to stay on the correct path to upcoming obstacles to complete a drill, sequence, or full course, within the fastest time possible.


The AAC National Team already consists of top handlers in the world of agility, with top dogs who are exceptional teammates, and the agility community is full of individuals who love to learn.


I am also one of those people who loves to learn.


I am always trying to hone my own skills, and at the same time, learn from other talented, successful individuals.


In the past and to this day, I have gained valuable knowledge from other coaches such as Tereza Kravlova, Lisa Frick, Susan Garrett, Olga Chaiko, Fred Waters, Daisy Peel, Wendy Alexander, and learning about One Mind Dogs Philosophy, have all contributed to the wealth of knowledge I have to date.


I constantly learn with my own dogs, from student’s dogs, and learn from watching other people’s dogs all the time.


Dogs are our best teachers!




Any drills/sequences/course work designed for you to practise, by myself or another coach, in these next seven months leading up to the IFCS World Agility Championships, can give you and your dog the opportunity, to remain as fluent and smooth and fast as you both already are.

You want to continue to make smart handling choices that are best for you and your dog.

Your agility handling should be fluent, smooth, and as you continually practise, your agility skills as a handler are being honed, and you and your dog as a pair will have optimum success on any course.


With continuous training sessions, you can practise, use and test your abilities of being able to quickly accelerate, decelerate, stop and change directions.


At the same time, these small training sessions allow your dog to practise, use and test his/her own abilities to do the same, maintaining full control of being to quickly accelerate, decelerate, stop and change directions, all while running full speed.


And with Team Canada being agile handlers, with agile dogs, with more confident dogs on course, and with confident handlers that have chosen to take the smartest path, showing best current path that leads to best upcoming path to next obstacle for their dogs, the AAC National Team will be at the top of their game to compete at the 2019 IFCS World Agility Championships!


In addition to my full commitment as Team Manager, and as Team Coach, with a natural eye for agility, reading lines, handler paths, dog paths, attention to detail, with 100% dedicated to the dog on any given course, combined with a natural ability to feel a course for a handler, and to feel a course for a dog, I can confidently say that I believe that I have tremendous valuable abilities as a coach for anyone in the sport of agility, from absolute beginner to the absolute world class handler and dog team.


I wish you all a Great Experience as a Team Canada Member, or as a Team Canada Supporter, and Successful Training for all Agility Enthusiasts!


And I wish Team Canada much success at the 13th IFCS World Agility Championship in the Netherlands!




Lisa Sun

AAC National Team Manager/Team Coach


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