Kirstin O'Neill and Crocodile Crunch

Crocodile Crunch 

I am ecstatic to be representing Canada at the 2020 IFCS WAC with my three wonderful girls, Posh Piranha, Crocodile Crunch and Radical Rabbit! 

Crocodile Crunch a 6 year old Rescue mix, was a member of the 2019 WAC team and even managed a medal.  She was Also a member of the 2019 WAO team. 


Crunch was a foster fail, after being left at a horse auction at between 6 and 12 weeks. Crunch has some big "quirks" and competing can sometimes be hard for her so to be able to compete at this level is a HUGE accomplishment for her. In addition to agility, Crocodile LOVES flyball, disc, and dock diving.