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Christine Neklia-Thibodeau & Quake - NB


We are thrilled to be selected to represent Canada again as a member of the 2018 IFCS Team.  Being part of the 2017 team was a huge honor and making it to the podium twice earning a Silver medal in Snooker and Bronze medal in Team was a dream come true.


At almost 8 Quake is running strong and fast.  For those that know Quake understand the love he has not only for the game, but for me and truth be told just about anyone he meets! Like any dog he loves hikes, swimming, rolling around in the grass or perhaps something worse!


Quake and I work hard to be prepared for this level of competition.  We leverage support from some amazing resources who help us both with a proper nutrition and conditioning program ensuring we are physically and mentally in the right place to allow us to be focused and prepared.


It’s hard to explain that moment as we wait in the cue to run, for us the world silences.  It’s only you and your partner, you look down and see that spark in their eye and feel the connection, the trust and knowing that together great things will happen.


This is just a game, one that we are privileged to be part of and honored to be surrounded by an amazing Team, our Country and our Friends and Family that supports us.