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Andre Landry and Crash - Qubec

Crash and I are very excited to have been selected to represent Canada again next year at the 2018 IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC)!


We are very much looking forward to being a part of this team, full of the best dogs and handlers our country has to offer!

Having taken part in all of the IFCS drills throughout the winter months leading into the 2014 and 2015 IFCS WAC, the skills we worked on and feedback we received were invaluable in helping us grow as a team and I’m thrilled we have the opportunity to do it all again!


We appreciate all the hard work that the board and management team put towards this team, so we’d like to thank them all 
now, in advance for all the hard work they still need to put towards this adventure!!

When Crash isn’t playing agility, he loves to go for long walks on the golf course near his home and chase around with his border brothers and sisters (and a crazy Pom). Crash enjoys taking part 
in agility and disc demos at exhibitions in his home province of Nova Scotia, and loves playing disc with his little human (Benjamin) and heard the cat around the house on his days off.

Having been involved in competitive sport for as long as I can remember, whether it be hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc, none of these sports has provided me with the amount of joy as 
canine agility – I have my wife Elisabeth to thank for getting me hooked. I love every single second that I’m out training or competing with Crash, and cannot wait to put on the red and white alongside some of the most talented dogs our country has to offer on the world stage – congrats to all who were selected to play at next year’s competition!

Crash and I were also very lucky to have had so much support last year from across the country and especially from our Atlantic agility family, and we will be looking to make them all proud 
again next year at the 2018 World Championships.