Team Canada 2015 Italy

Large Maxi Dog Team 

Andre Landry and Cash

Stephan Henrey and Bullitt

Karey Grisdale and Reason

Sarah Lablanc and Bo

Medium Midi Dog Team 

Kayl McCann and Grand Slam

Wendy Alexander and Chili

Laura Campbell and Link

Rebecca McKay and Shine

Linda Saab and Johnny Cash

Tracey Gallager and Keeper

Julie Labossiere and Mika

Small  Mini Dog Team

Kirsten O'Neill and Beckham

Stephan Henry and Wheeler

Meghan Turton and Jazz

Megan Rice and Ado Desmond

Toy Dog Team

Barb Flowers and Vegas

Christina Sanders and Quasi(modo)

Suzanne Labrie and Kallass

Roxanne Pardiac and Voila

Anneli Hilton and Slice

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